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November 9 - November 13

November 9 – November 13

Booth Number: D7

Park Avenue Armory, New York City


Gallery All will be presenting works by 5 studios; Trent Jansen, Haoyu Wu, Hongjie Yang, Henny van Nistelrooy and Zhipeng Tan.


The main theme of the exhibition is transformation, expressed with rigorous cultural specificity. Another commonality is that many of the designers represented are also hands on makers.


This represents the first-time Gallery All is presenting a large collection by Australia’s leading editions studio, Broached Commissions. The Broached MONSTERS collection, designed by Trent Jansen, is a series of functional pieces that convey two Australian mythical creatures; The Hairy Wild Man from Botany Bay and Pankalangu.


The stark, ceramic works of Haoyu Wu beautifully and skilfully convey the process of carving from stone. Entirely made from ceramic, these works seem almost like jewellery in their capacity to play with the appearance of a single material.


Similarly, the Synthesis Monument works by Hongjie Yang convey the extrusion of purity from rubble. The unique casting technique employed by Yang creates an affect that is like looking at the birth of a mythical creature from Earth’s primary elements.


The sinuous and elongated organic forms designed by Tan Zhipeng ambiguously shift between botanical and anatomical references. Gallery All will present a full suite of Tan Zhipeng works, covering console table, chair, sofa and other major pieces.


A Henny van Nistelrooy rug, commissioned by Gallery All, will adorn a wall of the fair booth. The work will continue van Nistelrooy’s narrative driven approach to run design, personified in his Eclipse collection.


Gallery All is excited to present this culturally diverse but thematically consistent show.