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By Zhoujie Zhang

DV_L2 | Digital Vessel Collection, 2011

# 304 Stainless Steel, Super Mirror Finish


56L × 26W × 2.5H cm

22.05L × 10.24W × 1H in

$250 USD

Utilizing custom designed software, Zhoujie Zhang codes a series of rules for each Digital Vessel pattern. Zhang selects the most intriguing shapes from the computer-generated designs, and laser-cuts a 2D paper model.

He experiments with paper folding to discover the best possible 3D shape for each computer-generated pattern. Next, the design is scaled to final size and laser cut

onto a solid piece of stainless steel.

After each steel pattern has been laser-cut, it is polished and hand-folded by Zhang and his team. Because each vessel is carefully hand-folded, its exact shape cannot be replicated. Given this human touch, every vessel is unique and may not be exactly as shown in photos.


“Through my design I’d like to build new path towards our digital future and eventually create a system that could measure, design, produce, test as well as market these new possibilities. Following on from the first and second industrial revolution, we are now experiencing a third one, a digital revolution. I’m going to dive into it and I’m ready for a long march.”  —-Zhoujie Zhang