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By Naihan Li

Folding Table – Mother Butterfly | The FOLD Series, 2014

Rosewood, Acrylic

Closed dimension: 180L × 30W × 170H cm (70.87L × 11.81W × 66.93H in)

Fully open dimension: 180L × 180W × 75H cm (70.87L× 70.87W × 29.53H in)

Edition of 8 + 2A.P.

Price Available Upon Request

The newest attempt to The FOLD series coming up with the rosewood, cumstomized parts of brass and stainless steel. The beautiful patten is speaking the traditional folk story in the natural world from the ancient time and is designed by a folk artist in Guiyang, China and then carefully hand traced by Naihan. Finally done by carving filled with acrylic.

Naihan’s Fold creations accommodate a very peronalized lifestyle into spontaneous living of dwelling by its story behind the piece. Her design does not only offer functional purpose but also offer humanity idea in a busy life. (Folding Table Mother Butterfly)

Naihan’s idea for The CRATES originated from the uncertainty of Beijing’s shifting urban playground, where once discovered, industrial and artist spaces were quickly destroyed.

The inspiration came while unpacking shipping crates full of artwork for Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Soon after, those sketches were transformed into an entire series of crated lifestyle products and furniture for the office, kitchen, and bedroom. The CRATES resembles the exterior of a fully-finished shipping container, opening to instantly reveal fully functional household or office environments.

Novelty and detail are the most essential elements in her design. The final products we see now had been improved again and again due to their functional and realistic reasons. Naihan’s design is more than furniture itself. It’s a concept for lifestyle.

She questions the concept of dwelling while accommodating the requirements of a modern and mobile world. “All my creations are designed to improve the life I’m living right now,” says Li. “To do that you need to understand what life is about. It’s a process.”

Naihan continues to experiment, looking to expand her ability to work with materials and create new techniques. She is constantly looking to solve problems and realize designs, as she accumulates more knowledge, hardware, and tools.

The stainless steel and black walnut series of The Crates is commissioned by Gallery ALL. The exhibition runs from May to August, available for viewing in downtown LA’s historic Bradbury Building.