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By Naihan Li

The Birmingham Library Side Table | Monument Series, 2015

Basswood with resin inlay

Edition of 8

Dimensions: (WxDxH)

58.8 × 64 x 60.3 (cm)

23.2 × 25.2 × 23.7 (in)

Price Available Upon Request

I AM A MONUMENT originated from Naihan’s recognition of the Chinese desire for giant art installations in their homes. People want to own things that are monumental. This desire traces back to Chinese traditional paintings, which play with the idea of scale from a subjective point of view and minimize the universe. Chinese artists attempt to zoom in to a large part of the world on a small scale.

The I AM A MONUMENT collection shrinks a landmark building 100 times and turns it into a utilitarian furniture piece, allowing collectors to contain something that is extremely large inside a room of their house. The CCTV Tower, shaped like a loop of video in endless production, has been turned into a wardrobe, where the ritual of dressing and undressing can also be said to be an endless loop. The Pentagon, the ultimate symbol of the United State’s military security, has been turned into a bed. The third piece in the collection, modeled on the Edinborough Palm House, allows people to have a vegetable garden inside their homes.

Together, I AM A MONUMENT takes landmarks and shrinks them down to something on a more personal scale, allowing for a reimagining of how we look at the world.