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By Aranda Lasch

Black Quasi Cabinet | Quasi Series

Black lacquer, wood

Dimensions (WxDxH):

183 x 46 x 76 (cm)

72 × 18 × 30 (in)

Price Available Upon Request

The Quasi-series is about the pursuit of orders that are rigorously modular but wild—almost out of order. Quasicrystals, a new phase of matter discovered in 1982, represent this kind of material structure that hovers on the edge of falling apart. Unlike a regular crystal, whose molecular pattern is periodic (or repetitive in all directions), the distinctive quality of a quasicrystal is that its structural pattern never repeats the same way twice. It is endless and uneven, but interestingly, it can be described by the arrangement of a small set of modular parts.

The piece was first commissioned by Johnson Trading Gallery in white color.