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By Trent Jansen

Broached Monster Collection – Hairy Wild Man from Botany Bay | 2017

Black Icelandic sheep skin, plywood, stainless steel, New Zealand leather and American oak

Dimension (WxDxH):

41H x 145W x 70D (cm)

16H × 56.5W x 27.3D (in)

Price Available Upon Request

The Hairy Wild Man From Botany Bay Chaise Lounge is a hybrid object, taking influence from native Australian and European creatures, including the Tussock Lymantriiddae – a spiky native Australian caterpillar, and the Icelandic sheep – the European animal with the longest fur. This object employs materials that were part of the common European vernacular during the time that the Hairy Wild Man from Botany Bay was imagined.


After Captain James Cook’s expedition to Australia in 1770, tales of dense, alien vegetation and fantastic native creatures spread quickly in England. The exotic nature of this new land was so extreme to the average Britain that the line between newly documented flora and fauna, and fantasy seemed arbitrary. Long before the First Fleet of convicts left England bound for Botany Bay, a new mythical Australian creature arose from the frenzy of stories of the new continent, this creature was known as the Hairy Wild Man from Botany Bay.

Originally commissioned by Broached Commissions.