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By Trent Jansen

Broached Monster Collection – Pankalangu | 2017

Queensland walnut, copper, brass and moulded plywood

Dimension (WxDxH):

40.5H x 43.5W x 35D (cm)

15.8H × 17.8W × 13.65D (in)

Price Available Upon Request

The Pankalangu Side Table is encased in Queensland walnut and copper scales, the copper tips of these scales shimmering when caught by the light. This side table is a mobile creature, with small brass wheels and a single drawer, reminiscent of a gaping mouth.


According to Western Arrernte story telling, pankalangu is a territorial being that lives in the scrub and is completely camouflaged in the desert and bush. Pankalangu can only move with the rain, and is made visible when the rain that falls on him is caught by the light, defining his form in a glistening silhouette.

Originally commissioned by Broached Commissions.