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By Aranda\Lasch

R2  (Fur) | Railing Series, 2015

Sandblasted stainless steel, sheep fur

Dimension (WxDxH):

85 x 77 x 50 (cm)

33.5 × 30.3 × 19.7 (in)

Price Available Upon Request

Aranda\Lasch continues to explore and test out various furniture forms from their latest Railing Series, a series of design pieces that utilize bent tubes and furnished with leather of foam outside. Railing Chair (R1 and R3) and Railing Stool (R2) are the initial prototypes The Railing System continues Aranda\Lasch’s research into modularity through a novel language of modular curves.

Railing is an exploration of structural modular loops that are upholstered like handle-grips to become furniture. Each piece of furniture is a single loop made up of many circles. Here, the circle does not display the qualities it is most known for, but it is what a circle can be. It is not whole or complete but is instead growing into itself. It is a circle that refuses its own dimension and finitude, that struggles to be endless.

The Railing collection continues Aranda\Lasch’s research into modularity through a novel language of arcs. Though the pieces in the collection vary in size, shape, function and complexity, each one carries the same logic of a single line that curves through a lattice of fractal circles and comes back to itself to form a continuous loop.

This system allows all distinct pieces to be created from the same set of modular stainless steel pipe arcs. The upholstery wraps the metal in a selection of colors and materials, extending the material language of handle-bar grips into a loopy dimension. The three pieces at Design Miami are presented in both silicone foam and hand-sewn leather upholstery.