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By Hongjie Yang

Synthesis Monolith Self Standing Mirror 175cm (Aluminum) | Synthesis Monolith, 2017


Dimension (WxDxH):

36 x 25 x 170 (cm)

14.2 × 9.8 × 67 (in)

Price Available Upon Request

When confronted with things that exceeds our very understanding, our inability to categories and relate to them commands our full attention. The Monolith is a mysterious extraterrestrial artefact of unknown origin and nature. Its aesthetic concept touches upon the divine, the omnipotent, indefinable creator of human civilization.

The future is a place where the complexity of both natural and technical processes can converge. This convergence will usher in a new aesthetic paradigm where objects are created to inspire awe and present a mystical form in which both naturally grown and machine-processed materials and textures seamlessly coexist. At first glance, these objects are naturally formed. Upon closer examination, traces of technology reveal their mystical purpose, to encourage a new perception that oscillates between a sense of the natural and the technological–and the fleeting illusion of their convergence.